Multiple Charger

Disponible comme KSC-326T (prise UK 3 broches) et KSC-326E (prise Euro 2 broches).

Points forts

6-Way multiple charger
Batteries can also be charged separately from radios
Ni-MH : rapid charge timer : 300 min.
Li-ion : rapid charge timer : 300 min.
Charges KNB-32N, KNB-33L, KNB-47L, KNB-48L, KNB-54N, KNB-58LEX, KNB-70LEX, KNB-77LEX, KNB-L1M, KNB-L2M, KNB-L3M and KNB-N4M batteries
Simple in-line layout for ease of use
Label space for each pocket
Overcharge protection (Auto Trickle Charge mode)
Independent circuit for each pocket
Excellent RF immunity performance

Accessory Features

A.C. Voltage (variable)100 to 240 volts
Dimensions556 x 92.4 x 203 mm
- W x H x D -
Poids3 kg