Proven, world-class ITU-R accepted technology

Kenwood's ITU-R accepted and award winning NXDN™ Common Air Interface (CAI) NEXEDGE® digital two-way radio system has been proven to deliver innovative and flexible mission and business critical digital conventional and trunked radio solutions to meet the most stringent demands of today’s radio system environment and provide users with a multitude of advanced voice and data features.


With over 2 million devices in use, NEXEDGE® is supported by a network of Solution Developers and is widely employed across a wide variety of mission, operation and business critical applications including public safety, military, security, transport, commerce and industry in over 160 countries, some of which can be found on our market sectors pages.


Kenwood NEXEDGE Gen2 LogoNEXEDGE® Generation 2
With NEXEDGE® Generation 2 (Gen2), the capabilities a NEXEDGE® system offers in terms of scalability, flexibility and performance is further enhanced including the capability to link 1,000+ sites or 24 networks. Click for further details on NEXEDGE® Gen2.



Enhanced Mixed Operation
Enhanced Mixed Zone allows any digital CAI and/or FM analogue to reside in the same zone. Zone scan automatically sets all users in the same zone in the same RX/TX mode.



Digital Technology Flexibility Future Proof
- Extended digital range - Digital/Analogue Mixed Modes - Fully scalable platform
- Improved digital quality - Digital Conventional Systems - Centralised system management
- Voice & Data capability - Digital Conventional IP Networks - Supported by application solutions providers
- Enhanced voice and data security - Digital Trunked Systems - Wireless Image System
- True 6.25 kHz NXDN operation for
spectrum efficiency
- Digital Trunked Wide Area IP Networks - Repeater Monitor App
- Generation 2 1,000+ sites / 24 network systems - OTP Over the Air Programming - Comprehensive range of hand-portables, mobiles, base stations and repeaters
  - Fast deployment - ATEX/IECEx certified models
  - NXDN Multi-vendor Protocol - Multi-protocol Analogue/FDMA/TDMA NX-5000 & NX-3000 Series models



The remarkable Multi-Protocol NEXEDGE® NX-5000 and NX-3000 Series

Designed specifically for mission critical users, the NX-5000 Series hand portable walkie-talkies and mobiles offer users the ability to communicate in analogue, NXDN, DMR and P25 formats providing unsurpassed interoperability when it matters most alongside a host of user safety features. An NX-5000 Series radio automatically identifies a call signal – whether it’s NXDN (FDMA), DMR, P25 Phase 2 (TDMA) or FM Analogue – and transmits in the same mode received.


NX-5000 Series 2-way communications


The NX-3000 Series takes many of the advanced features and capabilities of the mission critical NX-5000 Series to business and commercial users in a cost-effective, multi-protocol radio in either DMR plus FM Analogue or NEXEDGE NXDN plus FM Analogue configurations; which makes the NX-3000 Series an ideal solution for those migrating from analogue to digital as users can switch to and from DMR + FM Analogue or NXDN + FM Analogue operation at any time as their needs evolve or change over time.


NX-3000 two-way radio communications



What is Kenwood multi-protocol


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Kenwood Digital NEXEDGE



Compact and lightweight, NEXEDGE digital two-way hand portable walkie talkies share common performance attributes so that you can be sure that whichever model you choose, they will deliver the features and performance you would expect.



Easy to install, NEXEDGE digital in-vehicle mobile radios are ideal in situations where a more powerful transmission is required. And with a vehicles battery providing the power to the unit, you can rely on a virtually inexhaustible operating life.



NEXEDGE base stations and repeaters provide you with a fully scalable communications infrastructure, more channels and user group capacity, the ability to operate over larger areas and the means to manage communications traffic.